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The Wallpaper Abyss API

You will need an api key to access the api. This is a simple 3 step process

  1. Register an Alpha Coders account
  2. Login to your account (if it isn't done automatically)
  3. Request An API Key

Terms and Branding

  • The API is free to use up to 5,000 queries/day for commercial and non commercial use :)
  • Please include A 'Powered By Wallpaper Abyss' link that links to somewhere on pages that use our api. Place it wherever you want.
  • If you need more queries/day, or want to remove the branding, please contact us at
  • It's our goal to provide the API at cost, so rates are very low. We want you to still be able to make a living too :)
  • Our current pricing above 5,000 queries/day is $0.01 for every 1000 queries. Your # of queries is not yet tracked, so it's 100% free until we enable tracking
  • Please email if you need more functionality to use the api. It's still being built, and we can prioritize your features!
  • We ask that you not store results/content for more than a 24 hour time period. If you need to cache things longer, please let us know.

Our API currently only provides JSON output

API Endpoint: Get Wallpapers
auth No Default. Required
sort newest Options:
page 1 Increment by 1 for each page.
width no default Get wallpapers width specific width. Requires height parameter.
height no default Get wallpapers width specific height. Requires width parameter.
category_id no default Only get wallpapers from a specific category. The IDs for categories are in the category pages on Wallpaper Abyss. E.g. - Technology is category 30
sub_category_id no default Only get wallpapers from a specific sub_category. The IDs for sub_categories are stored in wallpapers, and easily viewable on pages on Wallpaper Abyss. E.g. - This example sub_category_id is 124055
NOTE: The sub_category_id parameter overrides the category_id parameter. Using both at the same time in a request is pointless.


Output Parameters


id integer Unique. Never null.
category string May be null
sub_category string May be null
name string may be null
file_type string
thumb arrayContains:
thumbbig array Contains:
url string Full url for original wallpaper
wallpaper_abyss_url string Link to Wallpaper Abyss big.php page for wallpaper
thumbbig array Contains:
user stringSubmitter name
user_url string Contains:
votes_up int
votes_down int
rating float
featured boolean
width int
height int


response_time string Time for our server to process, retrieve, and organize data

Using the API and examples (All in PHP)

Call the api page
$test = file_get_contents("");

Decode the json output
$results = json_decode($test, true);

You can view the decoded json by using print_r, and wrap it with pre tags

Going through the wallpaper results is easy!
foreach($results['wallpapers'] as $wallpaper) { }

and in that foreach loop to access part of a wallpaper:

Example urls the API accepts