Wallpaper Abyss Научная Фантастика Город
Sunset over New Haven
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  Лицензия: Unknown
  Идентификатор / Разрешение / Размер / Тип 103237 / 1920x1080 / 321.33 kB / JPG
  Дата добавления 7 years, 7 months, 26 days ago
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Sweet!! fav+1d

+1 Fav. So much depth in this piece. Spectacular!

whooa! who wrote "naruto" as a tag for this picture??! XD

Awesome X3

smileyHey there, am new to this site.
Happy 2012'


Wow!!! love sci-fi and this is one of the best pic's ive seen,thanks chacha.fav+1d smiley

Hello there! This is actually a very cool piece of art. Well, I am an indee game programmer and I would like to use this art in my game. But the license is unknown. Please, will you let me know if I can use this art and under which type of license? Also, if you are not the owner, can you give me a contact to the owner? Thank you.

Hi IranosMorloy, after a lot of serching I found the author for you, they are here, just go to their gallery and you will find it. smiley



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