Wallpaper Abyss Fantasía Dragón
Lava Drake
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  Licencia: Unknown
  Galería Dragón
  ID / Resolución / Tamaño / Tipo 112133 / 1600x1200 / 1.18 MB / JPG
  Fecha de Publicación 7 years, 8 months, 4 days ago
  Favorito Por 82998 robertayimai 81040 MajorEscape 81076 YoungReez 79548 D1nickle 76721 Draygom 76530 corvus664
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Most excellent!!! f+1

Awesome! F+1

Stolen from http://alectorfencer.deviantart.com/art/Fireplay-174887345?q=boost%3Apopular%20%28%28dragon%29%20AND%20%28by%3Aalectorfencer%29%29&qo=5

They even removed the small watermark from thne bottom. You should be ashamed.

I never steal anything. I only uploads pieces I find in public domain sites.

I run my prospective uploads through Tineye to try to locate any author and/or copyright info before I upload them.


You'll notice Tineye shows no matches for this upload, thus no information. Undoubtedly this is because whoever first altered it and reposted the piece severely changed it from it's original state. As with most uploads, it has probably been altered and reuploaded across multiple sites several dozen times before I found it on a different site.

I marked AlectorFencer as author of that piece now. Something that should have been done long ago. It should have been done in the moment of submitting her artwork. For the future better don't upload artwork, when you don't know who holds the copyright for it. If you have any information who altered this picture I'd be glad to hear from that.

Thank you for the help. It is often hard to find correct copyright info even if you know who the original author of the piece is. Many times, as with MTG or Video Game art pieces, the rights have been sold to other companies or art houses.

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