Wallpaper Abyss TV Show Dallas (1978)

TV Show Dallas (1978) Wallpaper

TV Show Dallas (1978) Wallpaper
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JerseyGirl commented: I knew Robin Thicke was related somehow to Bobby, They look alike! This was a GREAT Show but I was more into Dynasty with John and Linda 🙂 Plus this came on on Friday Nights where Dynasty came on on Wednesdays. Friday was night out at the Disco - remember????? 😉 1 second ago
JerseyGirl commented: OMG I got Patrick Duffy mixed up with some one else this morning.  It's Alan Thicke I was thinking of and he's not even part of Dallas. Goes to show you where my head was this morning LOL  Dahhhhhhhhhhh I think I need to go shopping LOL It's okay if you think i'm crazy 1 second ago
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