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  Licenze: Unknown
  ID / risoluzione / Dimensione / Tipo 815910 / 2048x1366 / 394.16 kB / JPG
  Aggiunto in data 1 year, 7 months, 22 days ago
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Please tell me who is she!

I can't find any info about her 

how do you find it?

I used Google reverse image search

Everyone is finding her

but no one knows her

maybe just someone else draws out

Model : Chrissy Costanza (@chrissycostanza) • Instagram


Maybe she is 瀧澤蘿拉.

Her father is Russian and her monther is Japanese.

Hi xGhostx!

Do you think you could find the source website of this photo for us?

I search around google and couldn't find, you are the only one which has this girl's high resolution image.

The story is.. someone use her photo for youtube song list cover, and everyone likes her and wants to know her.

I'm coming here to help, thanks a lot smiley


I've already tried to find the source but I couldn't do it, based on the resolution it was probably posted on flickr.


Oh i see, thanks for you help and tips! smiley

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