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1920x1080 -  Movie -  Stargate: Continuum
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3 3,058 1 0
1600x1200 -  Movie -  Stargate: Continuum
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2 4,385 0 0
2500x1063 -  Movie -  Stargate: Continuum
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1920x1080 -  Movie -  Stargate: Continuum
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Characters and Actors with Wallpapers:

Colonel Samantha Carter
Played By: Amanda Tapping 20

Vala Mal Doran 0
Played By: Claudia Black 16

Dr. Daniel Jackson
Played By: Michael Shanks 15

Teal'c 7
Played By: Christopher Judge 7

Colonel Cameron Mitchell
Played By: Ben Browder 12

Major General Jack O'Neill
Played By: Richard Dean Anderson 5

Major General Hank Landry
Played By: Beau Bridges 1

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