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Characters and Actors with Wallpapers:

Sonic the Hedgehog 293
Played By: Roger Craig Smith 0

Ariel 95
Played By: Jodi Benson

Ralph 63
Played By: John C. Reilly 17

Vanellope von Schweetz 54
Played By: Sarah Silverman 4

Played By: Kristen Bell 56

Cinderella 43
Played By: Jennifer Hale

Mulan 30
Played By: Ming-Na Wen 9

Rapunzel 37
Played By: Mandy Moore 2

Played By: Taraji P. Henson 15

Played By: Jane Lynch 7

Pocahontas 7
Played By: Irene Bedard

Fix-It Felix 3
Played By: Jack McBrayer

Played By: Kelly Macdonald 1

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