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I have a stray cat that's been coming to my house for a while now so I started feeding it and I named him Felix, looks exactly like this one smiley

Nice image yes


Cute smiley

♥ it!

V. Coool 




This is amazing

Love it! yes

V Lovely


I know hundreds of atheists and i never saw even one saying something like that. I think would be better if you replaced “nothing” by “something that we humans can’t explain yet”, and it’s good to remember that “magically” is definitely not a word that skeptical people say a lot. Make up an unexplainable supernatural being to explain things that we just don’t have the technology to explain is not a better explanation than “i don’t know”


it comes from what anime?

A Beast yes

Whoa, Like your choppers smiley

Beautiful Queen


I Need Mei One Of Those

Cute wee bunnie

Precious & Elegant



Mother's Day is second Sunday in May in USA


Wonderful Colors & Light in this one yes


Cool Group smiley


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