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very nice:twisted:


+1 Fav. Nice CGI!

+1 Fav. Excellent mixture of thematics.

+1 Fav. Great CGI pix!

Like this picture very much, does someone know where it's from, or who the girl is?

The view from Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois looking slightly north / northwestward up Michigan Avenue. This area was the hotbed of civic revolt during the 1968 Democratic National Convention held at the International Amphitheatre a few blocks to the west of the park on Halsted Street. The park was a sea of hippies and police touting billyclubs and teargas.

Wow! This is beautiful! +1f

I'd love to go for a walk there! f+1

Love the dark colors in this image, it's excellent! +1f

Incredibly beautiful! f+1

He is bada$$! f+1

Magnificent! f+1

Waiting for You xx smiley

DA volim ovakve slike..Yes I like this kind of picture...+1f


B/D/F It's almost anime! Nice and dark too. Love it.

smiley Thanks)

I adore cats, and this one is beautiful!! I want to pet it smiley +1f

This looks like something you would see under a microscope, love the deep green color, it's beautiful! +1f

She's beautiful! +1f

She is gorgeous!! +1f

Is this like "real" wizards chess? Love this chess board!! +1f

Is that a rosary? The doves are a beautiful touch! +1f



love it! 1f

great ! 1f

very cute smiley 1f

great shot!! 1f