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Lovely with Flowers


Very sweet

Are you kidding.  My yard is full of squirrels.  They must be winter squirrels because they don't mind the snow.

I doubt there are any squirrels following you withyour current weather😃

Rita Vrateski  ( Rose ) T-T I also love the Movie and the Manga

WOW!!! She has eyes you could happily drown in 😊

WH40k eat your heart out!!!!!! 😁

Now THESE are spaceships I could seriously fall in love with 😍

Utterly stunning image. 

Thank you SO much for posting this 🤩



Beautiful Smile


Love the floppy hat! 

Am I being Followed?🙂

I never realized that squirrels have such long nails, Wow!

Lovely Image and love the contrast of the sky


All dressed up and nowhere to go, come to my party!🙂

Such a cute expression🙂

Pretty, Love the 🦋

Oh! That's my drawing. Thanks for sharing an adding my name <3



I like this image using it as wallpaper thanks for author

This is really beautiful one


Amei esses cavalos muito bonitos😍


Like this!


 A Beauty