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that's cool

lindo bom dia

OMG! just OMG! I love this heartyeslaugh

wow i like this

I personally liked all the Siege wallpapers you made, but ... do you also have one with Kapkan? Just a curiosity


Thank you    Your wallpaper make me Inspire.


I love this magic atmosphere.

What can i say? I have a sweet spot for Retro Wave, which i have found only recently

Yes, Blood Dragon is my favorite Far Cry game 

Almost 2000 Downloads! Glad to know the fanbase is going strong!1 ^_^

OMG!! 2,500 DOWNLOADS! You guys are amazing! laugh

why sad too!

i watch it and i have to say that it was a good movie with happy and funny ending! really funny!laugh


Looks like it's going to be a great movie (probably sad too ) 

How Can we buy this type of wall papper


So attractive 

Nice one. Reminds me of the library in the OVA of Mahoutsukai no Yome smiley  

Hm... Kurisu from Steins;Gate? Not sure though



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