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esta calidad


The Japanese phrase is 僕のヒーロー, reads as "Boku no Hiiro"(Yes, it's part of the name of the anime). It means "My Hero".

love you style of drawing <3


that looks so epic <3


yesPersonally, i think it would be better without the face. but it is already an awesome work though!!


Thanks! smiley


I think you can, i added this image as wallpaper so i think u can

Now that's what I'm talkin bout 11/10 yesyesyes

So damn cool cool

nice photography

I love the swamp.

Cool, but the dogs are so close to him, it's a bit disconcerting considering he's shooting at nowhere.

Merci beaucoup!!

Good photography Dutch smiley yes


Super cool



Je l'adore, celle-ci! Bravo l'Artiste!


Magnifique! Bravo!

Heya! I've google searched and come up empty, but have really wanted to know who the artist was who did this. You happen to know? If so, let me know! Website URL thebingbang.deviantart.com


hola laugh

this makes me cry... such a great piece of work

Good day, thank you for the information, I have sent a report to update the wallpapers information. Thank you!

This picture is absolutly awesome!!!!

Con estos paisajes tan bellos ¡cómo no creer en Dios! Gracias Señor por todo lo creado, gracias por la vida.

It was fantastic


Hello, I compose fan-made character theme music for Rulers from the trading card game called Force of Will. It is non-profit and I only post the tracks on my music channel on YouTube, called Azure White.
Would it be alright if I used your northern lights artwork for a future album project? I would give you the credit for the art, as well as link viewers to this page.
Again, this would be 100% non-profit, strictly for the sake of fandom.