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Pretty Cool yes

Lovely heart

Nice Scape

Indeed Colorful smiley

Brilliant Color!!!!! Gorgeous


yes You Rock!

Beautiful work my friend corazón

Kawaii.. ^_^ keep going on .. I follow you.. laugh .. visit me too ,ok 

Thank you my friend, I'm really proud of my creation!




Sweet and Beautiful♥

I wish I can art like that ! 

Thx JerseyGirl heartsmiley 

This is epic, like it a lot smiley

Nope I Didn't Extend It. This is Original.

Soooooooo cute

muy bien wallpaper

Sorry to state that, but I had to flip the image so that the tree would be at the right, because in the anime is shown at the right. I could not have set this as my wallpaper otherwise, but it'll be my wallpaper for a long time. Loved the image and the art, truthly amazing skill.

Thanks for this great comment!

Big thank JerseyGirl wink

Incredible. Where is this from? Official cd right? you extended it with edits or is the original image?

Lovely & Magical♥

Nice yes