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me encanta <3  quiero mas imagenes de Tomoe 



Muito Bom esses papeis de parede vai me ajudar muito nos meus projetos obrigado!😍

This is beautiful!


Oh My God!!! This cat looks almost exactly like Bright Eyes, the beautiful, loving cat taken from this world and my life over a year ago. This image brings back so many wonderful, heart-warming memories of that beautiful miniature Black Panther and his gentle personality and how affcetionate he was with everyone he encountered. I have tears rolling down my cheeks, joy and pain mixed together, and cannot thank you enough for posting such an endearing image. Thank you so much for bringing so many truly beautiful memories back into my life in these dark times. 


thanks jerseyGirl

Good Job 😀

This is not from Warhammer 40K but AT-43 univers

Violet Evergarden

Замечательный мужчина 


Excellent! Love the Colors, Nice Job!


Its so cute... Im gonna use this on the future

This seems way to intence! wonder what started the fight in the first place?

Beautiful pink roses. They really dress up my desktop. Thank you for your wonderful wallpaper.

It doesn't look like the best place to work on your tan 😛

its good

So cool



Oh, you shouldn't have

Beautiful Reflection


Love the colors

I want to go there