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Ilike this castle


Love the purple cape

Absolutely stunning!

can i ask the background pictuer?

I like it

Love this wallpaper, Is there an animated version?

its GOOD like good good




It's not Baroque, it's Byzantine Revival

That is not Tribulation Falls. Not even the same creek. You'd think that the person who actually took that picture would have known which waterfall they are at.

This wallpaper is super cool !!

good very great!!!

i love this style of art. <3 <3

I Love it😍💘

wow epic

too cute

Oooo I Like 👍  Maybe hub will buy me one for our anniversary Wednesday LOL

Ya pink and blue look great together, thanks so much Sharon🙂

Fiat 126 O.O Ahh...old times 

il est bien fait j'aime FAIRY TAIL.



Wow! this one has to be my favorite so far because of the colors🙂


Thank you🙂

thank you friend i've been using this for 2 years as wallpaper