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Or you can search on google 舰队collection

 in tags he also wrote 舰队collection . I go on that tag that word shows kantai collection.

best wallpaper everyes



Author says this is Original, not KanColle

Yes it is

Your wellcome

But as you said i'll report again

The author who made this wallpaper said this is original

XD this is girls frontline

search Kantai collection, Abyssal, Northern princess
my bad if im wrong, but they look rlly alike

i love it 


LOL, more would be great yes

Thank you for your nice comment ....NOW I want to make more

Yes it takes a lot of time, its not as easy as some people would think, but you did a great job my friend, thanks for your beautiful art smiley

Thank You.I Really Work Hard for 2 hours.I appreciate that you like my wallpaper.

Awesome photo yes

These pictures are amazing did you make them or find them on the internet?

Nice work my friend yes

This is by far the best Naruto > 4k Wallpaper I've seen, wow.

Now this is SPECTACULAR!!!!!

I am definitely going to have a go at making something like this for my wargaming club.

These images are just incredible, and keep me up late at night, trying to realize them into 3D terrain for my friends to game on/over laugh

Yet another inspiring image for a possible gaming table set up smiley

This is an amazing overview, and the detail is superb.


I thank you for feeding him heart

Love the choker she's wearing round her neck.

I've never seen one like that before, and may have a try at painting one like it on one of my wargame figures - if I ever feel masochistic enough, that is laugh

Is it just me, or does she look a lot like the bespectacled Moon Witch from the Sandman comics?

It's the glasses that made me think of that character.

Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know (Or much care, to be honest wink), but she just brought back so many wonderful memories of reading that fantastic comic series for me smiley

This is AWESOME!!!!

If only I could build a wargame table in 25/28 mm scale based on this.

It'd be mind-blowing to see, but unfortunately, pretty much too big for my spare room, or even the space at the gaming club I attend frown

Still, it's nice to dream, isn't it? frown

THANK YOU KEJI for submitting this amazing image laugh

It's given me the inspiration I needed for a new gaming table for my gaming club mates to have battles over, and for what to do with all the aquarium ornaments someone dropped off to me the other day smiley

I have a large Bodisatva (the female Buddha in the background of this image) statue among the aquarium stuff, and was wondering how to utilise it as a terrain piece, and now I know.

When the table's finished, we can play all types of games from historical (Natives chasing explorers through the jungle/temple) through to fantasy (Lizard people fighting natives/explorers/conquistadors) and sci-fi (Predator style hunts and other such ideas) games on it.

With all the rickety bridges, the swamp water, and the jungle, it should turn out great.

Thanks again, KEJI, as this was just what I needed to start a new week/project.

You're the best laugh

Paul cool

Simple but nice, the red stands out and looks good yes


That's so awesome yes