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Nope, I won't.  It will be our great adventure smiley  


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It's not Golden Wattle. Golden Wattles have flat leaves.

Okay, but do not leave me alone eh!


sweet thing


nice close up

she really is always wanted to meet her :<

Who's the artist for this wonderful piece of work?

Stick with me I'll take you through and I like to go to small graveyards.  It is educational and interesting once you get past the silence.  I love it.

They give me some fear

Love it!



She is such a lovely and nice person.  Lovely B&W


Well yeah i noticed it but that's the artist mistake i din't make the artwork i just put them together

Not to worry dude

Image result for we're all a little crazy quotes


1000/10, just perfect ♥ 

do you realize you put the ice on the wrong side ? 

It looks amazing!!!!

This is actually a Black-breasted Thrush smiley They do look similar to Robins!


yes exactly nice to know im not crazy on this hahaha

This Color on vehicles always looks so rich and classy to  me



V Nice

Like the back tint

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