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Beautiful yes


estoy sin palabras para describir la belleza de esa imagen es hermosa veo que te esforzaste mucho en hacerla porque esta hermosa muy bien hecha es uno de los pocos fondos de the legend of zelda link's awakening que estan bien hechos sigue asi 


It's perfect !!laugh


I like the bokeh in this smiley

Not Necessarily, Its just the difference in styles

and usually the more details the better

oh and I'm done already, took a little over 2 hours to finish, well there goes my saturday.

Soy admirador de la naturaleza, y ustedes han hecho un lindo trabajo, al mostrando estos hermosos paisajes, que Jehová el creador de toda las cosas les de su bendición, gracias.

Ate. Adhemar Vargas.

very delightful picture, thank you for making it

Very beautiful 

Thanks, and of course your version would be the better one

Looks great!!, might try doing my own version to see how it'll turn out :v


Can i use this image in my blogs on anime.

nice....and horroble 

I think this is a Brittany Spaniel but Google calls them a Brittany dog smiley

Great pic, but not Buckingham Palace!

Try Houses of Parliament or Palace of Westminster.

tooo Good

muy buenos fondos

Isn't this Hideyoshi from Baka and Test?

I just love the look on the cats face, awesome yesyes


That's just awesome, love it yesyes

Es fantastico su trabajo¡

Good Too


Bello sfondo mi piacerebbe averne uno magari senza scritte in basso o magari personalizzabili! Bella comunque

WOW... I never saw that coming


Super Cool!!!

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