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looks so innocent 

2560x1600 brocken/ doesn't load

such beauty

This may be my new favorite of yours.

This belongs in some mable enshrined art gallery.

thank you.

Faved cuz this was tifa's best appearence...

Looks hot, but also almost like a guy... kinda weird

I wish yuna looked more realistic, takes away from the entire thing... the rest look great though. IF there is a way to fix her I think this could make top of this section. 

When you save this one is turns grey in the bottem. 

i love it yes


Elfen Lied smiley

Nice to see you uploading again laugh

One of my favorite.!!

Concept art for the video game Hawken.

Can this be changed to Video Game - Catherine please wink Thanks

This has The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe written all over it. Another great job, Kandice.

Great one, so modern but beautiful

That is SWEET !!!


For torinogt73

This is Briana Eviganenlightened

never seen anything like this u out donr urself great

Now my current rainmeter paper!yeslaugh Thanks so much wink

Only the greatest looking dragon I have seen!

think i maxed out the size of the title sad

The last word is shiranai not shir smiley

Please note: this is the real name of the anime, please dont move into another category

Thanks bro! appreiciate it (y)

Akemi Homura from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica