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I like this a lot! Simply beautiful! +1f

Quite beautiful! +1f

Beautiful cat! +1f

Absolutely gorgeous!! +1f

This is sooooo cute laugh

Beautiful image! +1f

A fav of mine! +1f

Fantastic image!! lol DB +1f

Gorgeous use of color!

This is absolutely gorgeous!! +1f

Gorgeous image! +1f

Awesome image!! +1f

Nice one! +1f


B/D/F Faded watercolors over pencil is just beautiful.

Once again...I agree with chacha!

Awesome image!

Love the dark, rich colors!

Tara would have loved this!

Fantastic job manipulating this one...she looks great!! +1f

really good. Tells of hidden horrors. Belongs in "dark" also. JMHO

This makes me think of emotions--passion is the one in particular--passion in general,not specific. really like it.

This is very nice--good pic Chacha smiley


likey likey - has that new orleans gothy anne rice kinda feel to it.


this is awesome

This is great, but wouldn't it be ever so cool if there were an animated gif with his mask changing that you could use as a wallpaper?

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