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Where is this picture taken and what is it called? Beautiful picture!!!


Beautiful laugh

Pretty kitty laugh

Is this Anne Hathaway maybe?

Freaking' cool !!! ......



nice wallpaper.. suit my new alienware m14x .. thanks bro~!

Awesome job!

While I originally found this on the Wallpaper section of 4chan, I'm glad to see it's up in here.

That cat is gorgeous!

Kung fu Cat: I shall noaw try out my most Elite Cat-Fu on you!

Student Cat: Suuurrreee, Sensi, You go right on with your bad self.

it is better without colours! good still-life! FAV

a very good Photo,avoiding all the christmas-Kitsch-stuff! Great -well done!! 1!+* FaV!

lovely! I like it! 1+!*Fav!

ewww never did like bloodsuckers.

I love this laugh

It's so nice to have friends smiley

Great manipulation!devil


If only life were so simple laugh

That has to hurt a little smiley

Beauty in death, interesting wink

This could be a great wallpaper with some photoshop help laugh

What a body!

Joan Jett ROCKS!

WOW!!!!!!!!!! And you and your family too!!!!!!!!!!.....+1f

I want 2 grow weed on my car 2!