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i think so, too! 8-)

very nice... could have been drawn by me 8-)

cool!what an exciting image!

You`re right!Fantastic landscape!!!

Beautiful! fav+1d

+1 Fav. Had this one in my que, looks like you beat me to it. You snooze, you loose! lolz.

+1 Fav. Reminds me of the Drow modules. Love it.

+1 Fav. Great dark theme.

+1 Fav. Arrrrrgh matey! lolz.

+1 Fav. So much for surfin the web for pretty pictures! lolz.

+1 Fav. Thats a great find.

Akali? teemo?! .. wow tards... That is Pantheon..

Annie from League og legends

And this is not league of legends... tard tags..


What a look,my favorite bird...+1f

UUUUUUUUU very nice...+1f

Thanks smiley

Dead Space wink

Medal of Honor Tier 1 or 2010, depends on One's view wink

Video Games > Gow of War wink




love this 1f

If that was me in that pic...all you would see is my dust as I'm running from that spider laugh It is a great pic! fav+1d

Just tooooo cool!! fav+1d

This is beautiful, like a painting! fav+1d

amazing!!! 1f

nice1 1f

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