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Looks like it's going to be a great movie (probably sad too ) 

How Can we buy this type of wall papper


So attractive 

Nice one. Reminds me of the library in the OVA of Mahoutsukai no Yome smiley  

Hm... Kurisu from Steins;Gate? Not sure though



I'm not the author of the screenshot, sorry.

That is so beautiful heart

Nice upload yes

I love black panther I will listen to all the songs of black pather I never saw it but I know the songs 

I love this thank you laugh


This is not a red-bellied newt, it is a rough-skinned newt. First off, it's belly isn't even red, it's yellow. Second, red-bellied newts' eyes are dark brown, unlike other coastal newts, whose eyes are yellow.

TAKE THIS AWAY OF MY SIGHT. Just kidding xD, but maaan....

Murasame yesblush


And now i want a studio to make anime adaption of Alice: Madness returns as it would be something awesome. Hell lets make it insane and give it to Madhouse with Hirano Kouta as artist !!!!

This is one of most beautiful things i ever seen. There is something that just makes you mesmerized in it. 

Awesome, just love this heartyes

I would kill for that walk in wardrobe, lol laughyes


yes nice

This is beautiful, where is it precisely?


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