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Uhum! Modrić married Vanja Bosnić in May 2010 in the Croatian capital Zagreb in a private ceremony after four years of dating,and a year later in church. Their son, Ivano, was born on 6 June 2010.Their daughter, Ema, was born on 25 April 2013 Their second daughter, Sofia, was born on 2 October 2017.Modrić generally maintains a low profile outside of football.

Thank You So Much



Awesome yes

Love it! ♥

so cute smiley


So Adorable♥

Simply Lovely♥

Such a nice family man as well.  3 kids and a beautiful wife.

I like the way he is developing/maturing and the way he is handling himself lately

Excellent Defender, he wasn't there in the UEFA Cup today.  Real got slaughtered by Moscow.....?

yes  sorry i haven't been around, been busy with preparations for the upcoming holiday.

Love all your Wallpapers though but little time to come on and comment sad

did you see him score yesterday- Woo Hoo



AWESOME!!! beautiful work!

Love it - beautiful colors and very festive, thank you.


¡¡¡ SIGUE ASÍ !!!  yesheart

Is incredible

Merci smiley

Merci beaucoup smiley

what a dangerous looking fruit!!

C'est magnifique! Merci!


Thank you smiley


That doesn't look very comfortable, love it yes

C'est très beau! Merci l'Artiste!

J'adore! Bravo!