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Moka Aoba and Ran Mitake from BanG Dream!

gracias esta imagen me guta mucho¡

Awsm wallpapers 

You can feel the touch of God behind the beauty of this nature. thanks for the efforts to get these images available.


hello, are you the artist of this piece?


LOL XD. Okay, i'll give it a try

Fabuloso heartheart


Good! smiley


Nice job, I like♥

Huh? smiley




Cute smiley


Cool smiley


In that case just do what i do, get the entire album and loop it when you're drawing, after a while you're sure to get sick of hearing "let me give you the kiss of death" xD

I KNOW RIGHT!!! I still can't move on from DitF..All of the OST still stuck in my mind . 

OMG I love their outfits in this. So cute!!!

I love it!! I take it to make a puzzle on my website  smiley


Thank you for this great picture!

Cool yes

Excellent! yes

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