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This wallpaper had an weird style art but in rest good .

Ha Ha Ha , this wallpaper made my day .

I don't really like GTA  games but you did (or who created it ) a good work.

This is weird and funny but i like it.

Sensational !!!

Thanks Rule 63.

0 likes 0 favorites , no problem here you go.

I love Oreki's personality.

This is Masterpiece.

Thanks for sharing this wallpaper.heart

Also love mirror effect.

I love the dual shotguns.

Finally a boy version.

Thanks for the wallpaper .heart

My eyes are hurting, this coulours are too bright for me.

However the idea of this wallpaper is ok

My eyes are hurting, this coulours are too bright for me.

But the wallpaper is beautiful.

Zoro is my favorite caracter from One piece and this wallpaper is a masterpiece also love mirror effects.


There is some quality anime and caracters. 

I will give you a big like.yes