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Lovely illustration! Who is the author?

Thanks very much friend, I may actually do all the other ponies later on too. Be sure to give it a thumbs up if you like it!

I am tempted to jump into my screen to frolic with them.



This is just a couple of images stuck together... not really original.

Great wallpaper! Fluttershy's expression is adorable /)^3^(\


Oh.Em.Gee. I LOVE SHARPIES!!! Epic win wallpaper.

WOW. +1, favourited.

nice, +1

Nice wallpaper, very eerie.

Hey thanks 🙂 It's at Huka Falls in New Zealand 🙂

Nice wallpaper SweetWitchy. +1 and fav 🙂


Wow, amazing photo! +1, fav 🙂

love this wallpaper

amazing pic

nice picture, +1

this is one sexy wallpaper 8-)

Good job 😃

amazing wallpaper, +1 and favourited

Awesome wallpaper!

Love this wallpaper haha, good job!