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as i am no moderator anymore i can´t help it forward to its right place, hehe

that is not MMA sad
that is one of the Klitschko brothers and they do the usual boxing in the world heavy weight section, i think.. 

i googled...
this is Vitali Klitschko and he is fighting tonight in munich/ germany to defend his title against a british guy. his brother Wladimir will be on his side at the ring as always and vice versa...


cool 8-)

very nice 8-)

i want that too!! 8-)

i wanna be there!! 8-)

1+ fav 8-)

kind of cute! laugh ...but what is this?

just WOW! 8-)

very beautiful 8-)

very cool 8-)

end of discussion 8-)

realy breathtaking! 8-)

oh no, that makes me fear crying

how cute is this? 8-)

i think so, too! 8-)

very nice... could have been drawn by me 8-)

unbelievable crying

i love it!

8-) great, absolutely!

what a great one!

so nice! smiley

absolutely amazing,...wooow

ur welcome...the thread it was in was disappointing and took the fascination of this awesome footage. btw...check out google earth pics which were taken by the robots of the nasa...u find them in google earth

this photo shows the sunrise from sight of planet mars