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OMG so cute!!! heart

Wow. I'm not sure if this is a real photo, or photoshopped, but it's amazing! heart

I'm here in Canada sitting through yet another snow storm, thinking, "what I wouldn't give to be THERE right now!!"

Awwww... that is just SO DARN CUTE!!! heart

Absolutely, positively gorgeous! heart

heart Tabby Fisher !!! laugh

Spectacular! I'm always amazed at the colors of Antelope Canyon - it looks more like a fractal painting than something real! cool Thank you for sharing!

Beautiful! And just imagine how it must smell there... divine... heart

OMG that is so, so cute! heart

Awwww... if ever a picture said "cozy and contented", this is it! heart

Beautiful! I love the bright cheerful color, especially now in winter. heart

oh gosh, how totally CUTE!!! *insert squeal here*

Cute!! laugh

What an incredible shot. Awesome!! heart

How adorable!!! heart

What a great shot! And so cute... I can't stop smiling. laugh

Adorable... this kitty looks just like my silver Persian! heart


OMG adorable !!!! heart

omg that is just so darn CUTE !!! heartlaugh

So, so lovely! This is my favorite shade of blue. smiley

OMG cute overload!!! heart

I love the mood this image evokes! Ominous, gloomy, threatening, yet somehow peaceful all at the same time.

How absolutely spectacular! Just... wow.

Wow. This is one powerful image. I actually get goosebumps when I look at this.

Awwwww! heart

That was my first idea for the title! laugh Maybe I should have gone with that...

Squeee!!! OMG that is the cutest thing I've seen all year!!! heartlaugh

That's paradise, double-distilled!