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You're welcome. I'm glad you like them 🙋

Of course 🚗


Me neither, but it will have to be proved 🍚

Your welcome it's a pleasure 🥘

You always make me smile with your comments 😄 thanks

Good Job!

Thanks Steve 🤗

I love b&w 🖤

Yes 🚶

Thanks you my friend 😚

It's true, I think you told me once 😅

Now you can watch it on Netflix 🍿

No Sharon, my fleet of vehicles is much more elegant. Sports cars are not too fancy ❤

This is for me. Cdd to ask for another one because I asked it first 😃

Seriously? Where? I do not see it 😮

I've also always liked that hair color ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

Spanish dress ❤

Es precioso ❤

Gracias 🙂 Me alegra que te guste

Precioso !!

Thank you my friend 😃❤

Thank you my friend 😃

What luck Sharon! I have never been on a cruise 😮

How romantic! ❤

I don't know but it's beautiful

Lol, There you are, it's a hybrid between Samba and Westphalia 😃

Thanks for the translation too

I think it's a VW T1 Samba 🙂

Thanks Steve 😳