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Thank you!


Arghhh it's so perfect yes

Thanks very much for the compliment !

Really appreciate your kind thought !

Thanks !laugh

So Beautiful !

my favourite this season after seishun buta yarou!!!


Thank you!!

yesPersonally, i think it would be better without the face. but it is already an awesome work though!!


Thanks as always LOL


Really appreciate your comment !

Thank you !

Thank you ! laugh


I still have a long way to go, it seems! laugh​​​

Yoohoo! ! Masterpiece  

Ouhh okay! Thank you! wink

Hey, thanks ! Be sure to smash dat like buttonyes before leaving

Hey, thanks ! Be sure to smash dat like buttonyes before leaving.. 

Why? I'm sorry if it doesnt good enough for you.. I'm still a novice after all hahaha

LOL XD. Okay, i'll give it a try

I KNOW RIGHT!!! I still can't move on from DitF..All of the OST still stuck in my mind . 

Thank you ! 

It's perfect !!laugh

Thanks, and of course your version would be the better one