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Beautiful. Lovely colours! 👍😃

Thank you 😃

Thank you! ❤

Seriously Mods, Jupiter is not Science Fiction. It actually exists....

She has indeed! Seen them 4 times and they get better every time! 

I can testify to that!

Thanks for the feedback, however as all my wallpapers are ultra HD, most of the images would not be good enough without the filters. I like to use them myself so they have to be 3840 x 2160 to fit my UHD monitor. 

When I start taking more photos myself, I'll do more without the filters. 

You credit me with far too much! Photoshop does all the hard work!

I'm just the author, not the creator... x




Great picture. Thanks for sharing 🙂

You're welcome. That one was for you 😃

Great pic, but not Buckingham Palace!

Try Houses of Parliament or Palace of Westminster.