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An alternate story about the red riding hood? :P cute and pretty picture I like it xD

thanks for the pic! this awesome warrior is a great inspiration to me atm! 😃

a cat lady! nice picture ^o^

I love it! 😃

totoro yay xD

She's so cute xD

Badass *__*

beautiful 😃

beautiful and emotional at least to me 🙂

Like it a lot ^_^

nice xD

pretty 😃

cute 😛

If there's an angel around protecting me from dangers I wish she looks like this ;D!

hehe pretty with nice colours 😃

reminds me om unlimited blade works in FSN ;D with swords swapped for guns,.. really nice wall!!

nice xD

love it 😃

Pretty >.<

My heart.. give me a  break already xD those kajiri kamui wallpapers are too good and too many... I cant take it haha 😃

cute.... 😃 very very cute!

pretty and lovely light...and the cat and those frogs are just awesome ;p

pretty ... I can't get enough 😃

Those kajiri kamua pictures are all awesome O.O nice!!!

Love it xD

nice anime ;D and pretty picture of...what was her name again >.<

creepy and nice ;P

beautiful 😃 splendid!

cute haha xD definitly a fav!

I absolutely love it 😃