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@anon I think it's from Get Smart

Santa is gonna need one sleigh just for you, your list never end cheeky

You are hunting in pack now, taking it to the next level laugh

Lex Luthor doesn't cheeky

No animals were harmed during the making of this photography;

Thanks, neighbors are gonna be so impressed wink

I don't think you ordered that kind of car, it must be for me thencheeky

No he's just guarding them so you don't take them all cheeky

Not a car, don't get all fired up cheeky

Damn, ok take one cheeky

Don't you think you already had enough? You could leave a few for others cheeky

Who do you think post all these cat videos cheeky

Looks more like a vegetable than a candy for me laugh

You must have an impressive garage, with all the cars you are gathering cheeky

A very expensive car with the doors opened at night with nobody around, it's a trap cheeky

It was the cat, I wasn't me devil

For something rushed it looks pretty good to me laugh

Aliens want to try burgers laugh

I come in peace

Never make eye contact with your food while it's still alive cheeky

I don't think I have ever tried Highland cattle but veal is very good in general cheeky

They are very tasteful too devil

Isn't the gift the only reason you buy the cereals cheeky

@darkletplayer Author is Carlos Herrera, you should check with him.

Have you been a good girl this year? Remember Santa is always watching you cheeky

@anon the author is Long Ouyang

@anon It's Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Queensland

Yeah hopefully there will be many more to reach that level laugh

@anon it's mocha

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