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tra la la la. sing around the cauldron.  b-d-f-r

b-d-f-r  here kitty kitty  mewwww

b-d-f-r  soooo soooo pretty!




oh my, it's very dark and emo. looks like a spirit. beautiful subdued colors. nice find sugar.   🙂

stuff - this is really beautiful khronus, just like your poetry! 😃

stuff - so much sentiment it this one sweetie :twisted:

heehee, it's witchy!

stuff - AD used to have this one. i had it for my ss forever. glad its back hun! 😉

stuff - mabey i can get jerry to make me some cool armor like that.

stuff + more stuff!

likey likey - has that new orleans gothy anne rice kinda feel to it.


stuff - i agree it is beautiful.

stuff + more stuff

stuff - o yes she is lovely

stuff - so gorgeous

stuff - this is so funny AD, it made me laugh for ever. lolololol

stuff - we have some of his prints, they are so beautiful

stuff - yummy

stuff - cute little fishies

stuff - she's so cute

stuff - she is exciting, very powerful

stuff - she looks lonely

stuff - tboCs :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

stuff+more stuff great googlymoogly thats amazing 🙂🙂🙂

stuff - so pretty

stuff+more stuff - we have to have this one elle!