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Author says this is Original, not KanColle

This is fanart of a scene from Fairy Tail

That would be official artwork advertising the Steins;Gate movie smiley

Hey Anon, it's Alicia one of the two twins that sits at the top two spots during the animes timeframe

names are in the tags at the top of the page

Hey anon, this piece was created by Caoranach, links at the top of the page to authors website

It is Manarola in Italy, title of the wallpaper is wrong

Original means it was created not attached to any anime series, unfortunately

Hi anon, original author is located here:

hey anon looks like that was a bad tag, thanks for catching this for us!

Hey anon, thats Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist series

Hey anon, yes he is, but Heroes of Newerth also have released skins for One Punch Man characters


Reference: http://forum.hon.garena.com/showthread.php?62616-3-9-8-Patch-Notes-The-Knockout-set!

Moved this to Crossover since the characters are from different franchises smiley might have to start watching Granblue now!!

Hey asc, trying to ID characters... I know it's Ruler / Joan on the right, but don't know the character on the left... Ruler/Alter has the nice black crown/headguard, but this character doesn't have... Do you know who this is?

Love the additional quote! and welcome to Alpha Coders

Thanks Shizuo! Havan't read this LN yet, but it is on my list!

Hey anon, I believe this to be Darkness from KonoSuba, unless it is a secondary character im not familiar with

Thinking this would be SAO:Ordinal Scale... Shizuo, just want to confirm before I change smiley

Angry pickle! Great wall!!

love the little hints of red in this!

Original author claims Kantai Collection: http://aditalfian.deviantart.com/art/Kantai-Collection-556104109

But characters are definately from Nagi no Asukara

This is Levi

Hey anon, this isn't from any aired episode as of yet, haven't seen the Boruto movie but doubt it is from there either. Most likely fan art, original artist is linked at the top of the page under "author"


Pixiv link is to the creators account on Pixiv, NSFW, but currently on page 2 you have all 4 RWBY girls seperated

Thanks for this! Thought it was a little off for Gumi laugh

If only they intermixed cook offs with this...

Wow... I would love to see this fight!

Hey LW, which carrier is that in the background? Do you know?

Actually this is a crossover between Idolm@aster and Ace Combat.

Ace Combat is a high speed military aircraft sim game while Idolm@aster is a musical anime. It appears the artist wanted to use the Ace Combat jets as the background imagery while the people are posing in different ways taht are heavily anime influenced

this is a combination of over 50 anime / characters.. any particular person you are looking at? I should be able to ID them for you