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good pic you got there, her music is wonderfull 🙂

this one was quite interssting. But I like it. Fav + 1

This is a wonderfull art piece. "It mirrors to me" was my first thought. This is so awesome I cant express my self. Fav and Like. 

Now that's some owl, did you know that owl is my fav bird ^_^ 

My friend. This is one piece of wonderfull art.

I must say that i cklick over here as fast as i saw this picture, it's wonderfull.

                        -|-  FAV + 1  -|-

wonderfull picture. love it.

yes! show me more! I CANT GET enough OF YOUR PICTURES!! =(going mad becaus of your awesome)=

beutifull. i love it. the strong, dark shadow dragon rises from the sea, following the sound of dragon's song. (if i'm right?) just wonderfull. ^_^ fav + 1

wonderfull. ^_^

-only one, will stand: the witch king

good picture. love is our greatest feeling and strogest desire. i just love people that is in love... but that reminds me... wonderfull picture. the boy/man looks like he just got what he desire. the girl/woman seamce to have regrets... but, thats only my wiew.

just like a wallpaper i have seen: problem solver. ^^... but still, it's freaking yellow/gold like. =S

wonderfull picture. i love snakes and reptiles.esspesil thous snakes that roll them in like that. wonderfull. =P fav + 1

a wonderfull picure, and some klassic, my opinion that that guy in the middle is the Hero and thous on he's sides are hes friends that fights evil. wonderfull. the white is dominant and gives a cold feeling. and a good dragon. fav + 1 have a good day/night. ^_^

what a wonderfull insight. i love white-wolfs. they seamce so strong and vise. great work, and the bird make somekind of a balance to the picture. fav + 1

i would give anything for a place there. can you see that huge planet/moon. wonderfull, great work d/^_^\b

what a wonderfull wiew! i could live there forever ^^ amazing picture, great work friend ^^

"pain, sadness, regret, cry... death feeds on this and many more. death can see beyon time and past. only a true hearted man/woman can even stand against the evil that lies in that hood." great jobb ^^ fav + 1

wonderfull! she seamce to think of something, wonder what. her beuty and eyes make my brain to cruble =S apsollut wonderfull ^^

"where are we going?" he ask. "i'm going to show you a wonderfull thing" he said. "what? what is it? don't keep secrets from me" he said and started to run. "you'll see" he said and run after the little boy.

"the long wait will be rewarded" that dragon lies there, why? well there is some exlp: waiting for it's prey, or did it just wake up. well the strong eyes and the peacefull mind plays with me. fav + 1. ^^ good jobb friend.

i like it, she seamse to have made peace with here self.

darknees is one thing that we love, and hate... some darkness helps the pain and makes you happier... but, some darkness turn there backs on you and you'll never forgett the sadness that lies with your cholders.

that dragon know that he/she is home ^^... maybe a little hot, but ok =S favo+

nice picture... poor monster bug =/... (sucl

i agree with SweetWitchy, a powerfull fight between good and evil. when i look at the picture i can almost sence the feeling the unicorn have. =S feel your self pwd dragon > 😃