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Now thats what I call epic !!! fav +1

is it only me or he looks a lot like lugia???

awesome 😃

this reminds me of world war II

Nice 😃

Halloween \o/

well... for me that dragon will kill those guys...

epitaph blade 😃

"the one who says that want to go to war surely has never been there before" btw nice wallpaper

maybe it's from feuer frei 🙂

i want that bag sooooo bad 😢

nice wallpaper 🙂 f+1

i can't wait to get that game...

nice wallapaper there ^^

lol faved 😃

best wii game ever!!!

i love that castle...

Mosin-Nagant ftw

monster hunter 3 😃 i love that game


Theres too many people in our planet, theres no space for nothing =/