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lol this reminds me of the lich king + illidan mix together get this  smiley +1F

nice work +1

My lord or my landy if you don't  mind me humble asking you where is this from, orif it i s not from any know books it but your  great art suspended in time by your dark magic, and if it from some book or some page, i ask tee lord or tee landy  where can i find it on the internet, i think you my lord or my lamdy for your humble time

omg <3 <3 <3  L just love this one laugh  

i love te blue anddef as well good job on it smiley  and can i download in and re edit in phote shope to chafge the color in it plz!!!  i give you copyright on it  love you smiley  

it look really cool and re do it in photeshope ?  i am not saying that is bad or any thing i just want to see what i can do with it laugh thank you for submitting it wo wallaper abyss

that beautiful i like  +1fav

<3 <3 <3 1fav 

very Beautiful +1

1F laugh