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Another beauty!

That is SOOO cool! and beautiful.

Oh the inspiration that will come from this picture!

Check out my second version, Pure Courage!

A modified version of the featured Hero in Darkness.

Love those lines, not crazy about the spoiler or racing details, would look more classy without it, especially with those colors. I want one!

Cool looking Pyramid Head from the Resident Evil series.

I can't believe there were two down votes on this! This is awesome! My girl and I laughed so hard when we saw this.

XD funny but true!

XD funny but true!

Awesome upload! Link's Awakening was the first Zelda game I actually owned. Even though I think I've been playing them since I was three when the first game  came out. A friend's older brother owned the NES and game.

That appears to be a coridor from an season 1 or 2 episode of Star Trek TNG. I'll have to go back to my DVD sets to check though.

It's CYBERTORN!!!!! Though it looks like it might be getting torn apart by Unicron.

Nice, reminds me of the Lanmola and the Moldorm from the Legend of Zelda games.

A Remlit!! But one at night... RUN!!!

Reminds me of the bridge from Ordon to Faron... Oi I'm a geek... lol

I've seen the graphics of OoT 3D.... that was the first time I felt a desire to get the 3DS.
Though I worry about how playing the updated version will affect the fond memories I have of being in 9th grade and playing the original. 

When I first saw this guy, I thought he was Ridley from the Metroid series.

I mean, Samus would look right at home in that pic in her Varia suit with arm canon powered up for a super missile shot.

Burn time!

I know the tag says "Kingdom Hearts"... but I sware that's an evil version of Chrono from Chrono Trigger. He's got the blue tunic, the spiky red hair, and lightning magic.  Though, I recall no battle where you have to fight an evil Chrono.

*looks at my phone* I had no idea you led such an exciting life before me.

This is a little pony I could get behind! lol

Oh, I loved that battle! I'd love to see Dark Link make a return in the series.

I saw in in a Star Wars thread on /wg/ and the accompanying comment was it was Naboo.

I could have claimed myself as the author on this one, but all I did was add white space on the right and left then color match the fill.

>_<; Sorry, my mouse cursor jumped on me. Didn't mean to down the image. I love this image because in one of my stories there's a world with giant city-trees populated by different races of people each born from the tree they live in/on/around.

Many more Star Trek wallpapers in my gallery. They've been posted in Sci-Fi>Star Trek

The text on the wallpaper is correct, it's a Getbackers wallpaper.

This must be the first wallpaper... but who submitted it?

While I originally found this on the Wallpaper section of 4chan, I'm glad to see it's up in here.