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I love him, he's so cute smiley

Your Tayson must be beautiful then. The author said it was a croos between a Wolf and a Husky, looks more Husky to me smiley

Looks like he is, he's cute smiley

Yes you did and I like this photo as well smiley

I like cats but my favorite animals are wolves,dogs and dingos smiley

Lol, I'm not and I love Hamburgers and chips just as much as I love pizza laugh

This maybe a Broholmer puppy smiley

This maybe a Broholmer puppy smiley

This maybe a Broholmer puppy smiley

Looks like a Schipperke to me smiley

Beautiful, one of the best dog photos I've seen yes

Nice upload my friend smiley

Yes but it looks so yummy laugh

Thanks, may all your wishes come true my friend smiley

LOL so funny, yeah puppies seem to like their food dish for some reason maybe because its cool laugh

Yeah, this is one of my favorite dog wallpaper, its beautiful heart

Nice upload homicidehunter yes

And here in Australia we call it Autumn smiley

Sorry but I am not the author Anon so I can not give you permission to use it.

So was I laugh

Were showing are age now my friend cheeky

This is my year so I'm hoping for a good one yes

Another hot Christmas in Australia, I hope not laugh

Nice upload my friend yes


Awesome, love it yes

Christmas in Australia on the beach, cool, or should I say hot  laughyes

Anyone wondering what dog this is I'm 90% sure its a Jack Russell Terrier smiley

yeah he is cute smiley

So awesome and cool coolyes

ok, good choice smiley

Nice, Sweet, Awesome, love it, Beautiful laugh

Trains Rock yes

Once again, love P!nk, from her Beautiful Trauma Album I think heartyes

Love P!nk and this is from her new album Beautiful Trauma I think heartyes

Lol, Triumph Street Triple, three motorcycles, very clever yes

Beautiful, I love it heart

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