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It looks like a bombe alaska smiley

Absolutely beautiful heart

I agree, this is beautiful my friend yesheart

Beautiful winter photo heart

Well I wouldn't think so, no laugh

Its going to annoy the hell out of us till we find out who it is laugh

Could be a older Eliot Ness, looks a little like him smiley

I don't like red cars but it is a great photo smiley

I'll get you one when I order my black and yellow one laugh

No, but I did dress him up and take photos, it was good because I obedience trained him so if I tolled him to stay then that's what he did, whether or not he liked it laugh

LOL, I agree heart

Sweet ride yes

LOL, that's what I used to do to my poor dog laughyes

Beautiful heartyes

My guess would be Leucospermum or a Telopea, it looks a lot like a Waratah smiley

LMS Royal Scot Class 6100 Royal Scot, British steam locomotive.

My brother would love this he likes the British locomotives smiley

On the other hand I like all trains, nice work my friend yes

Thanks, it ended up as my desktop wallpaper not my laptop wallpaper laugh

Awesome, another train for my laptop wallpaper yes

Great work, thanks my friend smiley

That's a great photo of Tim yes

Awesome, nice work my friend yes

Now that's what I'm talkin bout 11/10 yesyesyes

I love trains and I love the oil paint filter on this one heart

Beautiful heart

That's a awesome photo heartyes

Wow that's a lot of smoke, awesome yesheart

Love it, its so cool coolyes

That's What I'm Talkin Bout 11/10 yesyesyes

Wow this is so cool my friend, just love it heartcool

That's What I'm Talkin Bout 11/10 yesyesyes

This is so awesome, just love it heart

Now That's What I'm Talkin Bout 11/10 yesyesyes


I think I love the buiding more then the chevrolet cheekybut its cool too smiley

These old timers are just awesome looking cars yesyes

Glad you like it Dee, thanks for the fave my friend   smiley

Awesome, I love this yes

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