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Kandice, thank you for all these gorgeous nature wallpapers!

I cannot imagine that anyone could not like this....! +1f! Thanks!

Only one thing comes to my mind when looking at this!!! "Who let the dogs out...?"heart Nice song for nice, cute friends like them! Many thanks Booster!yes

Gorgeous dog!!! All time classic!!! My dog Goofy wears glasses too....! No kidding! Many Thanks!

Thank you for this fantastic wallpaper! I'm obsessed with it! Needless to say that I use it as my avatar in facebook and other sites! Thanks again!

Dear Kandice,

Thank you so much for all these gorgeous wallpapers! Yoy surely make our pc screens more beautiful!!!

Thank you for this breathtaking wallpaper! It's one of the most beautiful wallpapers I have ever seen!!!

Thank you so much for all these fantastic wallpapers that you have offered us! They are gorgeous and they make us dream! Keep up giving us more, they are never enough!
Thank you from Greece!!!

You must be kidding......! Only one Brad Pitt wallpaper?... What happened to the thousands rest that exist all over the world? I'm a true fan of this fantastic site, but this is unbelievable! I really admire the site that you have created and I thank you for all these gorgeous wallpapers that you have offered us! But I have understood that women's wallpapers are much more than men's. So, in my humble opinion, I think you should take into consideration that, mostly women search for new wallpapers and ways to beautify their desktops and most women like men and as a result men's wallpapers. I will try to embelish the Brad Pitt category by submitting as many wallpapers I can, in order to give you something back and thank you for all that you have offered us. Many thanks from Greece!