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Yeeeeeeeeah ! Under a pale grey sky we shall arise !

fav +1. keep it brutal, chicks wink

This pict probably come from the rpg "macho women with gun". Great !

Hey ! This is not a Vellejo's paint, but a frazetta's paint : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Dealer_%28painting%29

Cool ! He's Jaime, from "Game of thrones", probably after the murder of Aerys II. This pict rules !

He's Elric, from the Moorcock's books. Great hero. Great pict.

lol. Thx. Tool are american progressive metal band, very great and amazing tracks, like this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hglVqACd1C8

They also play in a band called "A perfect Circle", (supergroup of rock / metal) with great manson's bassist, Ramirez.

This come from "The Call Of Cthulhu" Rpg. Great !

wow !

"God of thunder, God of rain. heartshaker who feel no pain"

Great ! I like this one !

No one shall pass !

This pict come from an add book.

This is a copy of "Die Toteninsel" by Giger.

Hey ! This picture come from Game Of Thrones.

This band rules ! Yeeeeeeeeeeah ! +1

!!! I don't know this one ! really impressive. Where it come from ?

Yeah ! Weird but... cool

Yeah ! I have this one on my "real" wall wink

Yeeeeeeah ! A springfield's map ! This one rule ! ├╝ber cool !

Yeeeeeeah ! Really cool !

Yeeeeeeah ! Really cool !

He looks happy smiley

This picture is not from the Tv show but from the books.

Brutally cool smiley

I have installed this one. Great scene ! I like it !

Amazing !

Amazing !