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That's a shame, it's really good smiley

It always looks better on the picture cheeky


I didn't remove the watermark, I've found it that way, I'm gonna re-upload the one with the watermark from flickr, sorry about that.


I've already tried to find the source but I couldn't do it, based on the resolution it was probably posted on flickr.

I used Google reverse image search

I can't find any info about her 

It's the main character from Black Rock Shooter

It's not from any anime, it's an original drawing

Thanks, I appreciate it wink

I don't know you need to ask the author of the photography Julian Bialowas

That guy doesn't stand a chance laugh

Thanks for the feature wink

I'm sure it is, I hope it is laugh

Yeah it looks like a rounded mille-feuille laugh

@Axelv19 It just says Emilie 

It's a fan art by JGomez for the Re-Imagine Star wars challenge on CGPlus

I completely missed the umbrella laugh

Well not special, you just don't have to dye it laugh

Any colors you want, but in white you will get the best price laugh

@anon I didn't make it, plank-69 did it, I believe it's a screenshot.

He had a long day at work laugh

A little more dangerous in town but it's better for the health cheeky

It's offered if you buy the car with all the options laugh

"busy photo" is that an expression used by photographers? smiley

I'm glad you like it, honnestly I was not really worried about that wink

I don't know, do you see yourself as the wolf or the child? laugh

It's American, it's never too big wink

You're welcome, the author did all the hard work :d