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I wasn't the one that initially modified it, I've updated it with a new version where your signature isn't removed.

That's a shame, it's really good 🙂

It always looks better on the picture 😛


I didn't remove the watermark, I've found it that way, I'm gonna re-upload the one with the watermark from flickr, sorry about that.


I've already tried to find the source but I couldn't do it, based on the resolution it was probably posted on flickr.

I used Google reverse image search

I can't find any info about her 

It's the main character from Black Rock Shooter

It's not from any anime, it's an original drawing

Thanks, I appreciate it 😉

I don't know you need to ask the author of the photography Julian Bialowas

That guy doesn't stand a chance 😃

Thanks for the feature 😉

I'm sure it is, I hope it is 😃

Yeah it looks like a rounded mille-feuille 😃

@Axelv19 It just says Emilie 

It's a fan art by JGomez for the Re-Imagine Star wars challenge on CGPlus

I completely missed the umbrella 😃

Well not special, you just don't have to dye it 😃

Any colors you want, but in white you will get the best price 😃

@anon I didn't make it, plank-69 did it, I believe it's a screenshot.

He had a long day at work 😃

A little more dangerous in town but it's better for the health 😛

It's offered if you buy the car with all the options 😃

Madison, that's all I got https://www.flickr.com/photos/jesseherzog/albums/72157653104351419

"busy photo" is that an expression used by photographers? 🙂

I'm glad you like it, honnestly I was not really worried about that 😉

I don't know, do you see yourself as the wolf or the child? 😃

It's American, it's never too big 😉

You're welcome, the author did all the hard work :d