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I'm on vacation so I don't have the nerves to cut them into proper ratio.

Just pause 'Alive' right and take a screenshot.

Only that Mononoke Hime already exists for 18 years....

You uploaded 6 minutes ago 😃 Great, this is the kind of stuff I'm talkig about even though I'm not even active anymore.

You don't know how dumb it feels when half of the things you want to upload are already online. I didn't have that problem two months ago or earlier.....

Just a question. What time zone do you live in?

I know how you feel ^^

Yay, suddenly you start uploading more of his art and I get spammed down by messages about wallpaper being converted.

Whoever tagged it with Saber alter, there's no Saber. Jeanne Alter, yes.

When 10 out of 19 download it.... welp.

Then never look up his other artworks, I dare you.

Do you like her that much? Wow.

I did when it was released and one of my thoughts during the credits was: "Fuck, I have a dead character's figure on my shelf."

The title of the picture is '九尾' or Nine Tails and the only tag is the one that says 'original', so I'm guessing he drew inspiration from Ahri regarding the flames, the rest is just the usual kitsune :P

It's the artist's original series or universe if I remember right.

Let's be realistic, RT's statement on viewer discretion regarding RWBY told us what was going to happen, and it happened.


Good enough to be used as official splash.

The artwork isn't based on any anime, it's original.

The forehead ._.

Raven could've simply read the artist's link in the right corner and look for himself if it's the case or not.

I'm pretty sure that's the title screen of Resident Evil Revelations ^^

Funny how people tag it as Sivir's skin even though this is only prediction :P Obvious, but hey, not official yet.

How about doing a good job at upscaling wallpapers I've already uploaded.

1. She and Kanon (if I remember right) may share some similarities, but if you look closely, this isn't her

2. The artist didn't tag the picture with GC or Kanon but with 'original'.

So no :P

If you open your eyes, you might be able to discover it right on this page.

Her toe can't go unseen.

Why should it not be his work ^^?

Yeah, I kinda avoid tagging wallpapers when I'm not into a series or just tend to forget its character's names.

If you want to go on a tagging spree, go ahead.

There you go...