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The Harbour of Hamburg with the new Elbphilharmonie smileyyes

What a great Picture! Thx

Thanks for all your Pictures smiley

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thanx for the many, many Christmas-Pictures.

Merry Christmas from Germany yessmiley

The World Cup Champion 2014 laugh


Still, there are polar bears. But the melting of the ice in Antarctica, does not mean anything good for the Bears. sad

Fantastic smiley

cute smiley

Wow! Its fantastic smileyheart

Greetings from Germany

In three months is Christmas. Where has the time just stayed again? Beautiful Picture smiley

cool hairstyle smiley

Somehow for me a stupid situation blush

The Picture of the Day! Great smiley

Luck not so bad litte Coyote. wink

an incredible picture

Cute smiley

True Love heart

And Action ! wink

I agree

What are the four most talk so  smiley


Thank you very much for this Great Picture. smiley

I also love Fotos of Trains! More please  smiley

Brilliant smiley


A fantastic Photo yes

Wonderful Colours



Nice Familysmiley