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the man

dat huracan 


What a car.



that lamppost is such a cockblock, awesome shot

What a beauty

Aaaaand from the man himself, from his facebook page, love his music, much respect:

"This is a still from my new music video by One False Move

The central sun from the video is just concentric circles, but due to the downsampling needed to compress the image so that it shows on screen, the circles interfere with one another constructively and destructively in a defined manner, forming curves, and square patterns contained within the sun - these Moire effects were a central focus of the video as a whole.

One interesting effect of basing the video on this type of interference pattern is that the patterns change depending on what screen/computer/download speed etc you use to look at it, so the video (and this still) look a little different for each person! (apart from those with identical platforms I guess).

If you're interested in having the music, it is available on digital and vinyl, and out now >
http://www.beatport.com/release/movements-ep/1055134 "

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