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This is such an evocative picture, with the mix of summer and autumn colours between the flora and the woman's outfit/hair heart

I love how serious some cats faces can seem at times.

Even little kittens seem more like lions when something catches their attention.

I love tortoise-shell/calico cats heart

A friend of mine in America has two Maine Coon cats like this.

They are huge balls of fur and fun smiley


Okay, inspiring challenge accepted smiley

I have now started actually building a dragon based on this image in 25 mm scale, for wargaming purposes.

I'm making a 'skeleton' out of balsa wood, wire coat hangers (For the wing bone structure), car body mesh, and LOTS of DAS modelling clay rolled very thin and laid on the frame in sheets.

The scales are going to be made from cereal box card, mostly, and I have some light, resin horns 3D printed out, and am now sourcing lots of cheap jewelry chains for the reins, etc.

I already have some wooden platforms made for gaming, so no problem there laugh

XPS foam for the mountain, and a couple of aquarium ornaments for the temple will find their uses too.

Already people are worrying about my sanity, having seen the WIP skeleton/bodywork, but are drooling over being able to see the finished result, as well as gaming on it.

Hopefully I'll be done in time for the Dublin ComicCon, and show it as part of the sci-fi/fantasy modelling scene.

Some serious late nights ahead for yours truly, but all worth it in the long run.

Thanks again for posting this image, as it's given me a serious challenge and lots of fun already. cool


She is the double of the pharmacist in my home town, where I get my monthly meds smiley

Makes being diabetic that much easier to bear, every time I go in there, and she smiles and chats with me laugh

I f***ing LOVE this image!!!!!! heart

I now have to go away and think about just how big this would need to be if I built one in 25 mm scale for a project.

With a village on its back, this would be a spectacular model/centrepiece for a wargame table scenario.

Thank you so much for posting this image.

Unbelievably inspiring laugh

I absolutey LOVE Snowy Owls heart

I recently rescued an injured one that a local farmer had shot on his land, and she is now recovering very nicely, being watched over by Pickles, my Common European Barn Owl, and ignored by Jason, my Harris Hawk (I'm a falconer - among many other things - and use raptors to teach animal awareness to Autistic children when called upon).

 She's only young, so I'll either release her back into the wild, or if that doesn't work, train her up and include her in my falconry displays.

I LOVE Rocket Raccoon (And his human hangers-on wink)

You'll have to have read the comics to get that one devil

This image is of BatGIRL, not Batwoman

I love how the AT-TEs are painted in a camouflage pattern, but the Clone Troopers are wearing white armour smiley

This woman looks exactly how I see one of the most popular characters in my sci-fi stories (Henrietta "The hammer", an Insurance fraud agent who makes Jason Bourne pale by comparison wink).

This is an unbelievably beautiful image.

I LOVE the light effects and the way everything just goes together to make the whole so wonderful.

I wish I was half as good a photographer as the one who took this shot frown

There's something about the "toadstool/mushroom" design of the buildings in Star Wars that just hits me in my special, creative centre.

Every time I see images of them, I just want to recreate them for my wargaming terrain collection.

Unfortunately, in 25/32 mm scale, they'd need to be so big, that I'd never have room for any of them frown

Thanks for the amazing. inspiring image anyway laugh

Made my day that much brighter

Now THIS would make an awesome wargaming table to have adventures on smiley

I think I've just found my new project to drive myself insane while trying to make a table like this frown

This is INCREDIBLE!!!!

Thanks, Lonewolf, for posting such an awesome image for everyone to see.

Simply breath-taking.

Cats don't stare. They observe intensely, assess your value to them as a servant or a meal, and take things from there smiley

Believe me, I speak from vast experience, as I live with a whole family of cats, and they rule my life with an iron paw frown

The pattern on this fish's scales reminds me of Australian Aborigine "Dot Art," with dots of colour within other dots of colour. Sublime image, and so wonderful to look upon and find inspiration for my future painting projects laugh

This is just unbelievably stunning. I had to catch my breath after first seeing this. It reminds me so much of my time in the Arctic Circle, watching the lights at night in the sky. Thank you so much for posting this image.

This is achingly beautiful. Such grace and power in a single image. Magnificent smiley

This is sublime. I am just in AWE of the sheer spectacle that this image conveys. So much like Ankhor Wat and other ancient temples found in jungles around the world, only with a hint of the sci-fi/fantasy introduced into the mix. Beautiful smiley

This reminds me of the old style Cylon Raider craft from the !980's Battlestar Galactica Movie/TV series smiley

Now this is SPECTACULAR!!!!!

I am definitely going to have a go at making something like this for my wargaming club.

These images are just incredible, and keep me up late at night, trying to realize them into 3D terrain for my friends to game on/over laugh

Yet another inspiring image for a possible gaming table set up smiley

This is an amazing overview, and the detail is superb.


This is AWESOME!!!!

If only I could build a wargame table in 25/28 mm scale based on this.

It'd be mind-blowing to see, but unfortunately, pretty much too big for my spare room, or even the space at the gaming club I attend frown

Still, it's nice to dream, isn't it? frown

THANK YOU KEJI for submitting this amazing image laugh

It's given me the inspiration I needed for a new gaming table for my gaming club mates to have battles over, and for what to do with all the aquarium ornaments someone dropped off to me the other day smiley

I have a large Bodisatva (the female Buddha in the background of this image) statue among the aquarium stuff, and was wondering how to utilise it as a terrain piece, and now I know.

When the table's finished, we can play all types of games from historical (Natives chasing explorers through the jungle/temple) through to fantasy (Lizard people fighting natives/explorers/conquistadors) and sci-fi (Predator style hunts and other such ideas) games on it.

With all the rickety bridges, the swamp water, and the jungle, it should turn out great.

Thanks again, KEJI, as this was just what I needed to start a new week/project.

You're the best laugh

Paul cool

I love this image of Gandalf (Or Wand Elf when his name is translated from its Germanic origins of "Gand" meaning Wand, and "Alf" meaning Elf) walking with the weather reflecting his demeanour. You can see the beautiful sunshine in the background, and the rain and glowering sky around him matching his facial expression, and the grim dtermination of his striding along the lane.

This cat looks just like His Satanic Majesty Snuffles T. Fluffybottom, one of my new kittens smiley

I just SO love this picture, and would love to build a model of this, but the sheer scale would be immense, to get all the elements involved fully represented. I'd also need a film studio size workshop just to fit it in surprise

Pictures like this are why I love this site, as they always fire my imagination and modelling skills to the Nth level, and as a result, I am becoming a much better model maker/artist with every experiment made.

Thank you everyone, who post such amazing, inspiring images, as you make my inner and outer worlds so much better every day.

I do believe I've just found my next game-board building project, after seeing this inspiring image. I love a challenge, and this could well be the one to take my building skills to yet another level, let alone the gaming experience my clu-mates will get from it. Thank you xGhostx for posting this picture, as it's truly gotten my creative juices flowing laugh

PLEEEASE say it ain't so!!!! I LOVE Y-Wing bombers, so this image brings tears to my eyes, not just because it's showing a wrecked Y-Wing, but it's also inspiring me to BUILD a 25 mm model of this, to use as terrain in my Star Wars Imperial Assault games.