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I've read all the books in this series, and love them even more than I do the film. Jim Carrey steals the limelight as Count Olaf every time I watch this film (Which is often, believe me :-D).

This, in my opinion, is THE best of the latest Star Wars prequel films, as the characters and situations are more believable, even the annoying K2 SO4 Droid, who everyone seems to hate for some reason. I just throroughly enjoyed the movie as a stand-alone story in the new Disney created canon, but can't say the same for the Rey storyline films (And not because they killed off Luke & Leia), as they just don't seem very "real" in my opinion. They're just full of token characters, very PC issues, and just too "woke culture" for stories set in a galaxy where modern human society would be non-existent, due to the facr that there are so many alien races around for human issues to take precedence. I'd LOVE to see a Star Wars film where no humans appear at all, just exploring the alien characters who fill in the background for most of the films.

Run Forest, run!!!! :-)

This reminds me of the ancient Vimana (Flying pyramid ships) of ancient India. The last one flown was filmed in flight in 1923, as part of a Sultana's 13th birthday celebrations. There's a book called "Vimana And Ancient Flying Craft In India" published in the mid-1990's that is a history of these amazing craft and more. dating back millenia before the Christian Age or even the Egyptian pyramids were built.

I am SO going to build something based on this image for my table top war game space based games. Lots of plastic bottles and other ingredients from my newly stocked bitz boxes are just waiting for my attention. I love inspiring images like this :-)

Utterly sublime image😃

I love the peach coloured jacket she's wearing :-) You don't see that colour much today, but it's perfect for Spring/Summer/Autumn as it's such a neutral, but sympathetic colour in natures panoply.

Ian McShane is truly terrifying in this series. I am always watching the DVD box sets. I'm just addicted to all 3 seasons, as they just get better with every episode.

I just LOVE the expression on this kittens face😃

That is one beautiful headband :-) I LOVE seeing things like that, as they give me inspiring ideas for sculoting extra details on to my war game figures😃

I love the Oriental style of this image. Her facial markings remind me of a Kabuki/Noh mask.

That very slight gap between her two upper front teeth is so adorable :-)

I just Had to "Fave" this image, as I am old school, and have a huge collection of very old 8 track tapes, cassettes, and so many old 78/33/45rpm vinyl records I lost count a long time ago. I remember the huge headphones we thought were the "bee's knees" when they came out, which, looking back, just made us look like the early Cybermen from Doctor Who, only in very lurid colours (I had my pair handed down from my sister, and they were almost luminous pink :-/), and covered half of your head, they were so big, with a gigantic padded headband to hold them in place :-) This image brings back so many wonderful memories for me😃

I love how all their lenses have differing reflections in them :-) I haven't seen the Umbrella Academy yet, so have something to look forward to, judging by this image :-)

Now THIS is ome of the most awesome cosplay I've ever seen!!! Absolutely jaw-dropping😲I'm always amazed by just how far people are taking cosplay today, as when I was growing up, our costumes were home made from whatever we could find in the house at the time, but today, with professional manufacturers making the most beautiful add-ons and such, it's just taken the whole genre to an altogether new sphere of mind-blowing.😃

This looks like the terrain/scenery I'm building for a local gaming club while we're all in lockdown. They asked for a multi-level table, and soI'm building one with removable building roofs, full room interiors, the whole shebang. I love images like this that get my inspiration/imagination going for other projects😃

I have the first Bloodrayne movie, starring Kristana Loken in the main role, but haven't seen or even found a copy of this movie anywhere on DVD/VHS. I'll keep looking, as I like movies that are pretty cheesy but still worth the watch, as the first Bloodrayne movie proved to be😃

I am really liking the Morroco (Red Leather bound) couch behind her, and the tilted spotlight that looks like the bulb is about to die in the background. I'd love to know what the word is hidden under her right hand, as you can read the rest, but not that one. Details, details, details. I'm a sucker for the little details in images most of the time, and have a tendency to get lost in the backgrounds, and ignore what's supposed to be the focal point of the image :-)

I love the "broken china" face, as if her outer "skin" is the Fairy Glamour spoken of in fairy tales, and underneath is a creature far less glamorous and, indeed, almost reptilian, which may explain the slitted pupils in her red eyes :-) Love this image, as it's so revealing and thought provoking at the same time😃

I love the turquoise blue colour of her clothes. It's rare to see anyone wearing that shade of blue anymore, for whatever reasons, but is so eye-catching when you see it :-)

I love how her eyes are similar to the blue light reflected off the leaves in the bottom left corner of the photo. I see things like this due to my Shamanic training, so tend to see colours in things that most people miss, and sometimes I see things that are in sympathy with each other, such as her eyes and the light reflected off the leaves :-)

This takes "listening to a story" to a whole new level :-)

This cat looks my own cat, Shadwell, looking out to see if I have his trreats ready yet :-)

This cat looks a lot like my own bi-coloured golden tabby, Shadwell :-) Only much younger :->

This reminds me of the times I attended the Oktoberfest in Germany :-) The beer is amazing, and such quantities in one glass :-) 

She is the DOUBLE of the young woman who's just joined our painting/gaming club here in Ireland. Utterly uncanny resemblance :-)

It still amazes me that remains show that the average height of a Roman legionaire was just 5ft 4ins, and that their sheilds were made of chipboard, which is a lot stronger and lighter than steel, and can take some serious damage before it becomes too chopped up to be of use.

AWESOME!!!! I Love how she's drawing energy from the water into her tribal tattoos. I'd love to try and make a figure diorama of this :-) I'd have to either convert or sculpt the female figure, but it'd be well worth all the time and effort😃

She's like a fantasy version of X-23, only with bone claws :-)

For whatever strange reason, I LOVE cracked or broken mirrors. Okay, I'm weird, I admit it, but there's just something that always attracts me to broken/cracked objects, as their flaws just add to their beauty in my perspective. The Japanese have an art form where they repair broken objects with gold, to show that even something broken can be beautiful. That's something I can well understand and appreciate😃