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i didn't make this, just uploaded it.

I cry every time 😢

this should be the sites motto 😃

wow that's a first! 😃

yeah haha L0L! 😃

i love labs, they are great dogs,

that the only still shot i have EVER! gotten, he's so full of spirit, he never stops moving! 

yeah he's mine too, all in all we have 19 dogs, 20 or so cats, 2 horses, 2 hogs, and last but not least a parrot 😃

he is beautiful, he's a lab mix

i "thought" you might get stevie

glad you like it!

thank you stevie!

when i saw this i just knew i had to get a shot 🙂

thanks! i glad you like him stevie 😃

it came out very nice stevie! i thought you loved planes?, believe me my first stop is sydney 😃

amazing shot stevie, i've never been on a plane before. great shot!!! 

yep that's our coco! a sweet little/big thing she is.

Canon T5 (1200D)  and i just got a new 40mm lens!

yeah some bushland and some open field area it's really lovely at sunset

@Sharon thanks sweet sharon! that's very cool that you have some Buffalo nearby, and sorry for the late reply.


@Stevie no not real close but about 20 mins away in a park, there's about 20 of them and yes they will charge if they want 😃

thanks stevie


Wonderful shot!!! i love these kinds of lanterns 😃

nope no filter, glad you like it stevie, yeah i don't like big city's either.

thanks stevie! my brother will be happy to hear that you like the shot too as it is his pistol and custom handmade grips on the gun.

it's a little cat that comes up to eat the food i put out for the others, she stayed there and i had my camera so i thought what the heck! lol

glad you like it stevie i try my best!

cool shot stevie 👍


Outstanding and beautiful shot stevie i love it

pure power!

love it.

Beautiful stevie i'm sorry i didn't say so sooner!

i'll try again tomorrow, it didn't help that it was to high for my tripod and there was a lot! of wind too.

it's is a blessing to be able to see a little fawn walking around like that

yes it's about 200 feet from my front door 🙂 and glad you like it


great shot man, the sailboat with the opera house in the background makes this an awesome shot!

such beauty and color 👍