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Yes, when you focus on a romance with the wall, the girl is very much in the way )

Just do it (later))

Okay, you have it.) Now ask the author

But how much easier it will be to go back to worldly pleasures😃

Thank you, - an alien sense, evocative of fleeting reminiscences

Hi. Is it so important? You can enjoy without names ), but if you're hopelessly bitten by the 'passion for names' bug, you might try asking the photographer http://www.shutterstock.com/ru/pic-74688301/stock-photo-beautiful-sensuality-woman-with-lily-on-the-head-stroking-her-face-with-healthy-clean-skin.html?src=slCwY6Z9yiiI4qaiuj5OnQ-17-33

You're welcome

The girl who shared this wallpaper wrote the following tags : chimdae,tamamo,no,mae .If you can restore the name from these pieces it's good,cause I have no idea )

Thank you for your kind comment

Hello,Rainshine.I didn't know you're from Rotterdam.The images of other murals at Markthal look no less interesting than this one ))


I'm not acquainted with starcraft2,it must be interesting,if it's like you present it🙂,but don't forget that Fritz Leiber http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Leiber had died 18 years before the release of this video game.

On Seychelles🙂

I would be really glad to see whales in such picturesque bay🙂

Oh,how I miss summer mornings! 9-10 am.It's an obsession. 


Or waterproof,if there are such already )

❤I love Babylon and Persia


I've never been either to Budapest or Paris,but it may well be so,cause while travelling one often makes unexpected and interesting discoveries🙂

It's the best in this set👍

Hello,I don't know,but I think its interior is not so suitable for parties,at least for music parties - the vault is as high as in churches,besides there are a lot of sculptures,paintings and Chinese & Japanese porcelain there; but if you mean a Gothic party then the surroundings are OK🙂  

Hello,Jersey Girl and Lonewolf.The real colour of the building is white,but I've deleted that upload because the wallpaper of the building without the illumination is already on the site;and it's a pity as the two wallpapers look better when they are side by side   😟

It is winter in Australia;is it cold in Sydney?

Cool ! 👍 I think I'll look for more yachts,ships images one of these days


That's the image I was looking for.Beautiful ! Thanks for uploading.

It would be lovely to see more such beautiful pictures;or even a whole movie - about Majipoor,for instance )