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Naturally shining, divine jewl.smiley

I totally agree! smile.png

Extraordinary shading of colors, isn't it?

Powerful and delicate as the model herself.smiley

Thanks Sharon!

Yes, so delicate and intimate as if she was seeing herself in the picture! smile.png

Yes, Carley has such a positive vibe in her smile! angel

Thank you Sharon! smile.png

Alex Benetel is another great photographer, with "intense", dark concepts in her photographs.


Is the "little bear" the cause of the nightmare?... smiley

The perfect "moment" of the movement of the girls, the natural surroundings, the spinning dress of the girl on the right, the graceful open arms of the girl on the left and the girl at the center-- as if organizing their beautiful playing...

Not to mention the shading of the colors of their hairs, matching the backgroud trees, and the "perfect ending" with the little flowers at the bottom.

This photograph is a *classic*.

Genius shot, more than a thousand words, indeed! smile.png

She's the same girl of this WP


What a better place to be free and enjoy herself than this, I mean if the photographer is friendly! smile.png

Absolutely, they're so natural.

I don't know who is the photographer but she/he is capturing their "moments" so well.

Yes, smile.png.

A moment of perfect connection with Nature and freedom, like flying.

... peaceful, lonely nights!

Warming up: preparing to fly.

Tears in My Heart.

Her gracious gesture suggests a relaxed awareness, or contemplation, of the beautiful sea of light created by the sunset. cool

What a contrast between the purity of her eyes and delicate expression, and the (possible) danger that the little snake represents!

Angels close to heaven.

According to tradition, the dreamcatchers should be "used" only at night? smiley

Very beautiful picture! smiley

Difficult to think of a good name for this beautiful picture... I'm thinking.. smiley

This is one of my fav. Gothic images. smiley

Note how her eyes are dark too, but she looks calm and the ambient is beautiful and harmonious.