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Awesome art work yesheart

Beautiful heart

Fantastic yes

Love it and great name heartyes

Very beautiful art work heart

Indeed he is very cool, love dark mickey  yes

Awesome art yes

Aboriginal dot painting, cool my friend coolyes

Awesome art yes

That is just awesome heart

Hi Anon, the authors name is at the top left of the page if you click on the name you will get a link to them, this wallpaper is CCO Public Domain so you should be able to use it but it would be great if you let the author know.

Good luck with the poster smiley

Your husband will be on his phone a lot playing games now, hes joined the dark side laugh

I'll meet you there, my kind of place smiley

Awesome dark image yes

Indeed, breaking thought the darkness, very good yes

Hope you get to see one Stevie smiley

Thank you.

It is fun, like most match 3 games it starts easy and gets harder smiley

Love it so much that its my new desktop image smiley

Dark and beautiful yes

Indeed, love the gold and black yes

Thanks, it was nice to get a day off smiley

I just love these twisted trees yes

Thank you, the author did a good job smiley

This is so beautiful and looks a bit like a painting  laugh

Thanks for the great upload Ghost, this is my new desktop yes


I love exploring places like this, natures true beauty smiley

Wonderful smiley

I like how dark it is with just a touch of sunlight coming through the trees yes

Indeed, it is very awesome smiley

The detail and color is amazing yes

Beautiful image, red and black always look good together wink

Great upload Ghost yes

Very beautiful woman with a nice smile smiley

Yes they are magnificent animals smiley

Thanks Jokerboy smiley

This is amazing, just love the cross over from photography to art all in one smiley

My new desktop, thanks for the great upload Ghost yes

The Dark knight looking very dark laugh

Nice upload xGhostx yes